Tank Cleaning

Tank Cleaning


How often your child falls sick due to throat & stomach infection. Are they complaining about irritation in eyes after washing their eyes with water stored in overhead water tank?


Visiting Charges Starting from INR. 150
Overhead Water tank cleaning Starting from INR. 350
Underground tank cleaning Starting from INR. 5 per liter capacity
#1* in water tank cleaning & disinfecting services in your locality!

Get economical & reliable service providers for water tank cleaning by using latest technology at your doorstep!

How often your child falls sick due to throat & stomach infection. Are they complaining about irritation in eyes after washing their eyes with water stored in overhead water tank? Are you getting a bad taste of water consumed for non-drinking purpose? All of us use Water purifier or RO system for drinking water, but ignore the source of contamination. That is your overhead water tank! How often do you get your tank cleaned?

Water tanks are contaminated with fungi, algae, mud, mildew & germs if not cleaned regularly. Every household consumes same water for brushing teeth, bathing, washing utensils, washing clothes etc. This contaminated water can be a root cause of many diseases related to skin, hair, eyes and mouth.

  • Are you getting bad taste from water coming from overhead tank?
  • Is the color of water is not clear?
  • Is it giving you irritation while washing your eyes?
  • Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had a platform to get in touch with every time you need Water tank cleaning services? We can assure you a safe, efficient, and prompt service, including quality testing and is available after normal working hours if required. This is what professional water tank cleaning services help you with. Help is just a few taps or clicks away! You can even make a call to beckon service providers at your doorstep for reliable cleaning services!


    Why should I Choose RepairAdda over local vendor?

    RepairAdda platform envision providing seamless solution for all types of repair and handyman services. We work as an Aggregator of service providers. We take responsibility to provide you best of class services from right technician at right cost and as per your schedule. We have standardized rates, Scope of Work & TAT for your convenience and transparency. You will never get the same standardization from local vendors.

    How Do I find a service provider?

    Start by visiting www.repairadda.com and find the Schedule Service Online/Book an appointment tab on the Web page. Follow simple steps by clicking on the action tab. Enter your location, your requirement, choose your availability and share your address. The system will share the details of most relevant service providers to meet your needs in the specified location mentioned by you. You can select your requirement from main menu under Product Repair, Home Improvement, Home Cleaning, Installation, Maintenance and Other Services Heads also.

    What is the grievance mechanism?

    We follow our grievance process seriously and professionally. In case of any grievance, you can reach out to our customer care center @ 92102 23456 or write back to us customercare@repairadda.in

    What is the warranty period for services rendered?

    RepairAdda does not provide any warranty for the cleaning services. We can assure you of the best professional service however if you have any complaints, suggestions or feedback in regards to the service quality or the team, pricing etc., please give us a call to our customer care at 92102 23456 or email us at customercare@repairadda.in. It is advised to do this within 24 hours of your service delivery.