Get economical & reliable service for your carpentry repair services at your doorstep.Every now and then we all go through those little problems in the home that need immediate attention.


Visiting Charges Starting from INR. 200
Curtain Rod installation Starting from INR. 200
Cupboard Repair Charges On Estimation
Other Repair Charges On Estimation
#1* in Carpentering Repair & Service in your local area

Get economical & reliable service for your carpentry repair services at your doorstep!

Every now and then we all go through those little problems in the home that need immediate attention. It’s irritating when you don’t know how to fix them and from where to get help. From those cupboard doors not closing properly, Chester drawers channels are not working properly to squeaky noise coming from doors, there’s so much that goes wrong every now and then. And each one of these carpentry requirements needs our timely attention.

Some of the most common technical snags with carpentry services are here:

  • Cupboard doors hinges broken
  • Squeaky noise coming from Doors
  • Curtain Rods needs to be installed
  • Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had a platform to get in touch with every time there is a requirementfor carpentry services? Help is just a few taps or clicks away! You can even make a call to beckon service providers at your doorstep for a reliable repair service!


    Why should I Choose RepairAdda over local vendor?

    RepairAdda platform envision providing seamless solution for all types of repair and handyman services. We work as an Aggregator of service providers. We take responsibility to provide you best of class services from right technician at right cost and as per your schedule. We have standardized rates, Scope of Work & TAT for your convenience and transparency. You will never get the same standardization from local vendors.

    How can I reach out to RepairAdda?

    You can reach out to us through multiple modes. RepairAdda provides Omni-channel presence through web portal, mobile application, customer support center and physical Home Services Depots. You can download RepairAdda mobile application from Android Google Play store, call us @ 92102 23456 or visit our physical Home Services Depots in your locality.

    How Do I find a service provider?

    Start by visiting and find the Schedule Service Online/Book an appointment tab on the Web page. Follow simple steps by clicking on the action tab. Enter your location, your requirement, choose your availability and share your address. The system will share the details of most relevant service providers to meet your needs in the specified location mentioned by you. You can select your requirement from main menu under Product Repair, Home Improvement, Home Cleaning, Installation, Maintenance and Other Services Heads also.

    What is the grievance mechanism?

    We follow our grievance process seriously and professionally. In case of any grievance, you can reach out to our customer care center @ 92102 23456 or write back to us

    Where the service will be delivered?

    Most of our services are delivered at your doorstep. Currently, we have our presence in Delhi NCR through online portal, mobile application, customer care center and physical Homer Services Depots. With few exceptions, our technician may take your appliance for repair to their workshop if it can’t be repaired in your home.

    When the service will be delivered?

    Services will be delivered to you as per your schedule or as per mutually agreed between you and service provider. Generally, services are delivered during normal working hours 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM depending upon the bylaws of your RWA/FMS providers. In case of emergency, we would be delighted to help you.

    Who will collect the payment?

    Payment can be made to either to RepairAdda account through online transaction (PayTM/IMPS/WhatsApp) or in cash to our service providers against the cash receipt.

    What is the warranty period for services rendered?

    We provide 7 days warranty on labour against the services rendered. Warranty of parts depends upon the back-to-back warranty we get from manufacturers.