Get most economical & reliable maintenance service from AC technicians at your doorstep.Air Conditioners have become a basic necessity today. As we are struggling with global warming around the world,


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Get most economical & reliable maintenance service from AC technicians at your doorstep!

Air Conditioners have become a basic necessity today. As we are struggling with global warming around the world, it is difficult to imagine summer season without Air Conditioning. AC is generally used almost like 6-7 months in a year and it is quite prudent to take care of your AC at home or work. AC can literally suck the life out of your routine if it is not working. Home appliance damage can be a total party spoiler and toss your daily schedule upside down.

  • Is air conditioner giving strange noise?
  • Is water dripping from AC in your room?
  • Are you facing issues with AC cooling?
  • Have you covered the AC properly to avoid damage from Birds?
  • How about on-demand service that sends you help at home? So every time your AC breaks down, all you have to do is call us. The last thing you want on a hot summer day is Air Conditioner to stop working. Even worse, water is leaking on the floor or the AC’s remote stops working in the middle of the night. Issues like these not only take your time but also make it difficult for you to concentrate on other important tasks. With professional maintenance services available on a mobile app, you have nothing to worry about! You can even book an appointment online or just make a call to RepairAdda.


    What scope does technician aligned by RepairAdda covers?

    Technician will visit your doorstep and examine the problem you are facing with your appliance or general repair. He will provide the estimation to resolve the issue. On your confirmation, technician will undertake the work and finish it to your satisfaction. For few services, there is fixed scope of work and technicians deliver the services accordingly.

    What are the charges for Product maintenance?

    Charges vary depending upon the break fix problem you are facing with your appliance. Service provider will visit and provide you estimation for the work. On your confirmation, he will complete the work as per the scope of work agreed. If you don’t avail the service post estimation, you may have to pay visiting charges to service provider. In case, service is availed post estimation, visiting charges will be adjusted against the bill amount.

    How do I purchase an AMC?

    We follow our grievance process seriously and professionally. In case of any grievance, you can reach out to our customer care center @ 92102 23456 or write back to us

    What is the warranty period for services rendered?

    To schedule an annual Preventative Maintenance checkup on your appliance, call RepairAdda at 92102 23456 and our customer care associates can set it up for you.

    What is the grievance mechanism?

    We provide 7 days warranty on labour against the services rendered. Warranty of parts depends upon the back-to-back warranty we get from manufacturers. Warranty on Gas Refill would be for 3 months. In case leakage happens from same point, then we will not charge anything. For other issue, estimate will be shared with you.

    What is the timeline for repair?

    Timelines for repairs are dependent upon the problem you are facing. We ensure you get the first level of response from our service providers within 2 Hrs. Basis your availability and mutually agreed time, service providers will visit your doorstep. After initial investigation of problem, service provider will share resolution timelines with you. We work towards resolving issues within 48 Hrs. post visit from our technician.