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Home Exteriors- External walls, Garden, landscaping, pool, painting etc.

The maintenance on the exterior of your home is the hardest to keep up with. But it’s so important because it makes sure your home is looking its best, and keeps keep your home safe. Whether it’s the window of the room outside that needs repair, roof cracks or swimming pool maintenance, you don’t want to end up spending hours on fixing it. Want someone in your neighborhood to fix it? Help is now an app away!

  • Looking for someone to fix that exterior wall insulation system?
  • Want to get that swimming pool cleaned before the weekend party?
  • Need someone to repair the jammed window?
  • Is there a crack in the windows?
  • Need someone to maintain that garden?

All these services can now be taken care of. You just need click, tap or call, to get in touch with the right service providers in your neighborhood. Schedule an appointment with our associate vendors at a time that suits you best. Better home exteriors are just an app away!

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Why do you need professional service?

For perfection Picture this—you want to give that room on rent? You don’t know the impact a well- manicured garden can have on the value of your home. With that broken window fixed, the prospective tenant will rely more on you. This is what is done perfectly by professionals.
Save time The time you will spend in getting that mower to work can be utilized somewhere else. If you have an important meeting to attend but want the water leakage through the window to be fixed too, simply call for help and save time.
Experienced help From the leaking roofs to wall cracks, gardening issues and even siding repairs, everything can be fixed in no time by a professional. These tasks can otherwise take longer to complete. When you get help through a proper channel, you get spotless service.

Why choose us?

At RepairAdda.com, we have tied up with selected vendors in your locality who offer a wide range of exterior repair services. Our associates are experienced and reliable in their area of work. You can book a service on our app or website for anything from fixing siding to repairing windows or doors. Feel free to call us if you need someone to talk to, as there is no service too small or big for us.

When you want your home exteriors to look spotless, download the app today. Always ready to help!

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We make living better.

We makes repairs simple. Everything in your house, from your kitchen to garage, bathroom to living area, even those pathways outside that need repair, we take care of it all.

RepairAdda.com seeks to bring you the best technicians, electricians, gardeners and just about anyone you need to make your homes perfect. These are skilled professionals who know their job well and ensure they leave your house better when they leave. How we do it? Well, we connect with all the local service providers in your area and build a connection where you can get just the kind of professional you need.


Out of the Blue.

At RepairAdda.com, it’s all about making things easy.

This is the policy we follow at all times. This is the inspiration behind our process of working with you as well. Just follow simple steps and get a technician just when you want.

  1. Share your location with us.
  2. Tell us the product type, model details and the problem you are facing.
  3. Schedule an appointment.
  4. Give us your personal details, contact number, address.
  5. We allow you to choose your vendor. Then raise a ticket.
  6. This ticket is sent to the vendor who will contact you directly.

The process is simple and seamless with a minimalist user interface, so order some help home becomes a child’s play!


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Services & maintenance

Don’t spend the weekend figuring out who to call to get that door fixed. Help is here and more convenient than ever before.

  • Need someone to fix that squeaky noise in the toilet?Out of the Blue.
  • Are the drains clogged again?
  • Need to replace those RO filters?
  • Want someone to fix that doorknob?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Let Repairadda.com take away the pain in choosing a reliable vendor for service and maintenance jobs at home or office.


Out of the Blue.

A stich in time saves nice. This old adage applies to your beautiful home as well.

Want a new look for the house? Whether it’s remodel you need, in the house or a small fix that you need, there is a professional now available for every little thing. We are here to help you with an expert.

  • It’s time for those courtyards to look beautiful and the kitchen set to look better?
  • Want someone to upgrade home locks?
  • Is the flooring coming off and needs to be fixed?
  • Are the paints fading on your walls?

Just download our app and get in touch with a chosen vendor in your locality.


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Product Repair

When you buy gadgets and appliances for your homes, we help in making your investments run better. This is what repair services are all about. Is the laptop not shutting down properly? Are you facing issues with the dishwasher? No matter which product or what appliance, there is now a vendor in your local area for any service you need. Now help is just a call away.

  • Need someone to fix those RO filters at regular intervalsOut of the Blue.
  • Is the AC not cooling properly?
  • Want someone to fix that dishwasher for you?

You don’t need to scout for a handyman. We have them all for you. Book a service and you will see the difference!


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My Appliances

Your precious investments into gadgets and appliances need a tracking mechanism. Our unique free to use service does just that. Fill in details about your appliances and get reminders about their warranty, AMCs and more.

Out of the Blue.

  • Easy to register your appliance with a manual entry or you can even scan the barcode of the device into our website or app.
  • You can register both old and new appliances
  • Manage your appliances better and get a better run on their performance.

Register today for free and make most out of your appliances!

We seek to bring you the best repair works from your local area. As pioneers in location based repair booking site, we strive is to make everyday hassles of maintenance, seamless for our customers. Skilled service and a better standard of life and delivery form the core of our company’s vision. Making homes better, one service at a time. read more...

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We believe in providing seamless support and our team ensures that you get the best.

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