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Dwarka is a fast-growing neighbourhood of New Delhi (district of South West Delhi) in India; it is one of the most sought-after residential areas in the city. It is one of Asia’s largest residential neighbourhoods and is also referred to as a sub-city. It is a well planned neighbourhood with robust infrastructure and several urban amenities. The neighbourhood offers many parks as well as recreational and cultural attractions for its residents.

To cater the daily needs of people residing in Dwarka, lots of Hospitals, schools, multiplexes, grocery stores, branded outlets, restaurants, malls and markets are built around the residential sectors there.

In spite of all the facilities for residents, still one service which is a real pain area for residents of Dwarka is Repair and Maintenance services for home products which are essential in day to day life. Lack of adequate public transport, long distances, congested roads are other hurdles when you think of searching for a handyman or home repair technician.

It is rather challenging to find right technician/Handyman service provider in Dwarka to take care of routine service and repair requirements for home appliances, electrical equipment and home improvement services, etc.

Considering these existing challenges and to help people in saving time and provide convenience, an Online Marketplace portal “RepairAdda” has been launched in Dwarka to provide a hassle free home repair service at your door steps.

We have so many appliances at home which are used every day and are a part of our life, and with an issue in any of these appliances it is really hard to function smoothly. Especially when it comes to Air Conditioners in summer, they are like life line and we must get it checked regularly so that you avoid breakdown.

You can availAC repairing services inDwarka through RepairAdda portal or Mobile app and get it done at best rates and under technical hands.

RepairAdda helps in repairing and maintenance services of kitchen appliances and RO systems in Dwarka. We repair home gym, Exercise Bikes, Printers, juice mixers etc. in Dwarka.

Simply call us and share your problems and we will get it repaired in Dwarka.

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