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Geyser: – Facts you should know and consider before Buying and installation of your geyser.

Electric geyser is an essential and widely used home appliance. The purpose of a geyser is not just to give you hot water. It must do so safely and it must also be a good investment in terms of utility and maintenance. Geyser installation should be done as per manufactures guidelines. It is advisable to call qualified electrician or plumber for installation. Things you should consider before you buy a […]

Room Heater; – Facts You Should know

Room heater is the gift from science to the people who couldn’t bear the coldness of nature, but as they say Science is a good servant but a bad master. So, we should consider some points before using a room heater. Types of Room Heater 1. Fan Heaters – It is convenient for heating a quite large space in a short time. Not much expensive and it consumes less energy, […]


Treadmill – Advantages and Issues If getting in shape and/or losing weight are primary concerns, treadmills might be the best machine to accomplish these objectives. Advantages to Using a Treadmill • Treadmill is a very easy piece of exercise equipment to use in comparison to other gym machines. • The treadmill has a predictable surface that is much easier to negotiate than sidewalks, curbs or trails and the risk of […]

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